About Get Invested

Get Invested is a financial planning program, by Gerber Kawasaki, a full service financial planning & investment advisory firm.

With the Get Invested program, your advisors develop customized financial plans for you at all stages of your wealth growth journey.

New Generation of Financial Advisors

During the 2008 financial crisis, many brand-name financial institutions had destroyed the trust & lost the American people millions of dollars in savings, nearly leading to a world economic crisis.

Since then, it has become alarmingly clear that those who work hard & want to save money for their future need a new system for financial advice, different from that of the shady & even fraudulent 2008 era.

Started from the Bottom...

For clients who have little to no savings or even large sums of debt, we focus first on teaching you different methods of accumulating savings & then how to invest smartly.

We’ll help establish debt pay off plans, while also creating a sustainable & smart budget (with room for a little fun).

Building a plan for your financial future empowers you to live the way you want & can give you a new sense of confidence to enjoy your life.

We Don’t Care How Much $ You Have

Unlike many firms who only provide advice, we actually implement your financial plan & help you manage your accounts. Depending on your situation, Gerber Kawasaki has two financial planning programs:

1. Get Invested - offers financial advice and planning for those who are just starting out on their wealth building journey.

2. Wealth Management - was created for established investors and/or those who have accumulated $250k in assets they wish to invest.

A New Way of Conducting Business

It's typical of advisory firms to mainly seek out high net worth clients because smaller account clients don't make these firms as much on a commission basis as larger multi-million dollar accounts.

But that in no way means those who don't have multi-million dollar accounts shouldn't benefit from a low cost advisor service.

Since the inception of the Get Invested program, we've focused on building a new foundation through technology and social media, so we can reach a much larger base of people than the average traditional firm.

Making our adviors highly mobile and on-the-go allows us to serve clients nationally and to be there whenever they need us.

The utilization of email, video calling, phone, and other communication technology allows us to reach a volume of clientele that makes servicing all people of all account sizes a sustainable endeavor.